Make your mark in the F1 22 game without spending thousands of hours practicing; simply purchase our cheat and you'll be on an esport level in seconds.

Grip Enhancement

Extreme cornering speed


You choose the speed at which you go through a turn, in extreme mode you can even skip braking and just keep accelerating! With grip enhancement, you and the car no longer have a limit when cornering.

Torque Increase

Win time on the straights


You control how fast you accelerate on the straights; for example, do you want to blast away? You can! Win extreme amounts of time in a short period of time, or just go that little bit faster on the straights.

Brake Boost

Become a late braker


Become a late braker by turning on the brake boost, it's very simple. The brake boost automatically calculates what the optimal brake values are and adjusts them for each corner, that way you will always be the last to brake, but still make it through the corner easily!

Optimal tyre temperatures

Tyre temperatures to perfection


Manage your tyre temperatures to perfection, dictate exactly what temperatures you are comfortable with and make a whole strategy in the process. With optimal tyre temperatures, almost all the mistakes you can make on the track are avoided.

ERS Amelioration

Ameliorate the ers-system


Improve the Energy Recovery System by creating simple presets of the battery percentages you want during the race. Are you just short of those few percentages to catch up with someone? Never again.

Perfect fuel timing

Fuel consumption excellence


We help you time that one lap perfectly during qualifying. Drive that perfect lap with the help of our perfect fuel timing feature, that means that you won't lose time because you have too much or too little fuel with you.

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